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Balsam Flower is my favorite flower in the flower world.I have planted two kind of flowers in my house.I have seen many new seed about the flowers but I don,t like them.Balsam is a term used for various pleasantly scented plant products, and the plants which produce them. Balsams are oily or gummy oleoresins, usually containing benzoic acid or cinnamic acid, obtained from the exudates of various trees and shrubs and used as a base for some botanical medicines.Many peoples are want to see more new and latest flowers and plant here on the Google.Google give your every thing here as you want.I have many kinds of flowers,plants in my new house.

Balsam Flower very Beautiful
Balsam Red Flower Very Charming
Balsam Flower Very Beautiful
Balsam Nice Flower
Balsam Pink Flower

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