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Mango Calla Lily Bouquet

Callas are costly, so they're used more sparingly than some other blooms. Expect to pay almost $5 a stem for the big, traditional kind, even if you're buying in bulk. Mini-callas come cheaper: close to $2.50 or $3 per stem.

Partly due to expense, callas tend to draw DIY'ers. They're relatively sturdy. They're available all year round. They enjoy a long vase life, and they're simple to prepare (especially compared to fussy, wilt-prone flowers like hydrangeas, tulips or shasta daisies).

But keep in mind that mini-callas — the kinds with color — are just that. Mini.

More than a few brides ordered their callas online ... and were a little shocked when they found those mango beauties on their doorstep smaller than they imagined.

The sky's the limit when it comes to color choices for minis, but if you need really big blooms for things like tower vases and centerpieces, you'll want to stick to white (minis come in white too, though, so be careful).

Mango Calla Lily Bouquet
Mango Calla Lily Bouquet
Mango Calla Lily Bouquet
Mango Calla Lily Bouquet
Mango Calla Lily Bouquet
Mango Calla Lily BouquetThe word Calla isn't synonymous with "white" anymore, though. And even brides who love tradition are going nuts for the deep hues of mini-callas in shades like mango, gold and burgundy.

Here are some interesting treatments we're seeing:

Callas and bare-branch arrangements combined (tall, imposing, great for Asian-tinged or contemporary autumn weddings).

Tight mini-calla posy bouquets with a romantic rose collar (white callas ringed by pink roses, for example).

Mango mini-callas with black magic roses. Combined with hypericum berries, it's a super-dramatic fall look.

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