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Pink Hydrangeas

* Buy a new plant each year and plant the old one in the garden when it has finished flowering. It may not be hardy enough to survive but getting it to reflower indoors will mean you have to emulate the seasonal conditions it would expect in the wild.

* To buy a good hydrangea for indoors look for a plant with just a few blooms showing color and lots of buds still developing. The plant should fill out the pot with healthy dark green leaves.

* Dry air can cause wilting and damage and Hydrangeas need copious amounts of water when in flower. An occasional heavy misting will remove most of the dust that accumulates on the large leaves.
* Keep Hydrangeas away from drafts, heat sources and strong sunshine through your windows.
* While they are actively growing and blooming, they should be fed every other week with a half-strength water-soluble fertilizer. When they are resting in Autumn only feed once a month with the same weak solution.
* Hydrangea do well in a quality peat-based potting soil but acid soil creates blue plants and for blue fred or pink flowers the soil needs to be neutral or alkaline. You may need a colourant based on Aluminium sulphate to change the color of your flowers for next season.
* Propagate Hydrangeas by cuttings taken from non-flowering growth.

First, separate each branch of the pink hydrangea. Then, attach a floral wire to the stem and wrap with floral tape to extend the length.

Do for each hydrangea stem.

Then, arrange the calla lilies and hydrangeas in your hand so that the calla lilies are in the middle of the hydrangeas. Form a round bouquet while holding the flowers in your hands.
And that's it. This burgundy calla lilies wedding bouquet is very easy to make as you can see from the simple steps above.

You can also make your own for your wedding. But, you must bare in mind that the hydrangeas can lose its strength and become very soft very easily. You need to be careful when handling hydrangeas.

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