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Burgundy Roses

I saw this rose mass planted in a rose avenue at an open garden - there were thirty standards, all in a row, on their own, with no friends. At the time I was amused and annoyed at this designer look. Now I wonder if there was some colour wisdom there!

As with other Iceberg roses I grow, the bushes are healthy and the flowering times are slightly later than 'normal'. I just need to organise some sympathetic colour companions. Grey foliage perennials like Catmint? Lavenders? It might even be time to discover the well-known colour-wheel. I'll keep any colour purists posted...

Burgundy Rose
Burgundy Rose
Burgundy Rose
Burgundy RoseBeing a greedy, random rose gardener I grabbed several Burgundy Icebergs from a rose sale and found gaps for them in different areas. Hmm... It might have been better to show retraint and plant them all together.

The colour is unusual, quite a harsh magenta tone in certain light. Other colours from neighbouring plants seem to fight with the burgundy.

Put it this way - the bright red dahlias in the back of the Willow Tree Garden are a colour design disaster! And I always thought that a big country garden got away with anything!
Burgundy Rose
Burgundy Rose
Burgundy RoseMy Burgundy Iceberg roses are some of my latest treasures to be planted in the Moosey Garden. This rose came with great expectations, and its colour is stunning.

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